An Overview of Betting Tips and Wagers for NHL Games

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There are occasions when two neighboring countries get to share a sports league, and the National Hockey League is one such example. The NHL boasts 31 teams and 4 divisions and generally runs from October each year to April the next with each season consisting of 82 games.

As one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, it also offers betting fans the opportunity to wager on games and win real cash. In this article, we examine a number of betting tips which will place you in a suitable position to place profitable wagers as well as common terms you are likely to encounter when doing so.

NHL Betting Tips: Select Reputable Betting Sites

The betting website you make use of will significantly influence your wagering experience and your chances of winning when wagering on NHL games. As a result, only the most reputable are worth considering. It is also necessary to register with a selection of gambling operators in this category since doing so will provide you with an excellent opportunity to take advantage of several generous welcome bonuses which are a hallmark of top tier sports betting sites.

Betting at various sites also means that you will benefit from special promotions and bonuses which these establishments offer casual players in the hopes of getting them to become regular clients of their website.

NHL Betting Tips: Focus on Results

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If you are a passionate fan of Colorado Avalanche and they happen to be having a particularly bad run, betting on them will most likely prove especially counterproductive and may end up costing you a great deal in terms of cash.

If on the other hand the Winnipeg Jets happens to be your least favorite team but is currently enjoying a winning streak thanks to an ability to field a strong injury-free team with a highly rated coach and some of the best players in the league, backing them will seem like a great idea.

Hence, when betting on the NHL you will need to focus on the team which has the most chances of delivering where your wager is concerned as opposed to your preference in that regard.

Common Betting Terms

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  • The money line: Selecting this option for an NHL team simply means that you're backing that team to win. And if they do, you will receive a payout.
  • Over/under betting: Bets in this category involve your wagering on whether the number of goals scored during a particular NHL game will be fewer than or exceed a particular figure set by the betting operator. In the event of the exact number of goals set by the operator being scored, you will receive your money back - such an outcome is commonly referred to as a push.
  • Futures bets: Refer to wagers placed at the start of the NHL season or playoffs, based on predictions on outcomes which can only be known once they come to an end. A common example of such a bet would be which team would win the Stanley Cup. It is worth noting that you will be unable to access any winnings until the event you have wagered on occurs which in the case of the example provided would mean waiting until the season is over.

Concluding Thoughts

Betting on the NHL can be an excellent opportunity to not only enjoy one of Canada's most loved games but also to make several lucrative wagers. However it is important to adhere to a set budget, select reputable websites, focus on results and maintain membership of as many top tier, reputable betting websites as possible. And while the above NHL betting tips are by no means exhaustive, they can play a role in placing you in a suitable position to make winning bets.