Intriguing Facts and Statistics on the Most Popular Canadian Sports

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Canada is a nation of sports enthusiasts. There is the NHL, the hockey league it shares with the USA, as well as the CFL which is its very own answer to the USA's NFL. There is also the NBA and MLB in which Canadian teams are also participants. And while they happen to be the most popular, they are by no means the only sports which are enjoyed by its residents. Especially since Canadians also love to play lacrosse, soccer, rugby and curling among many others.

Thanks to this love of sports, Canadian fans have several high points during the year to look forward to as seasons begin and get underway with numerous memorable moments in between, right up to the finals when the winning team emerges victorious and lifts the trophy. There are also several opportunities to win real cash by wagering on your favorite teams. And with that in mind we will be taking a look at a number of intriguing statistics and facts with regards to some of the most popular leagues which are always of interest to Canadian fans of sports and sports betting alike.

The Canadian Football League: Statistics and Facts

  • Percentage of Canadian players in the CFL: It is well known that a number of CFL teams do have foreign players on their rosters. And considering Canada's proximity to the USA where football is also extremely popular, it's hardly surprising that quite a few of them happen to be American. But what percentage of players are actually Canadian? Generally slightly over 50% thanks to the CFL's game rule ratio which permits teams to have a maximum of 22 foreign players out of a team of 46.
  • Number of CFL teams compared to the NFL's: The CFL consists of 9 teams as opposed to the NFL's 32 making it just under a third of the size of the latter.
  • Team with the most Grey Cup wins: The Toronto Argonauts have bagged 17 victories out of 23 finals appearances in a 110 year stretch, giving them a finals winning average of approximately 74%.

The National Hockey League: Statistics and Facts (Canadian Teams)

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  • Most likely to win at home:The Montreal Canadiens are actually renowned for being most likely to win on their home turf and are known for having the least number of defeats during home games.
  • Most Stanley Cup wins:Again it is the Montreal Canadiens which head the list with 23 wins. This figure becomes all the more impressive when you consider the fact that it is almost twice the second figure on the list - 13 wins by the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is also worth noting that this illustrious list is headed by Canadian teams, a fact which will surely delight fans of the game.

The National Basketball Association: The Toronto Raptors

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  • Number of titles won by the Toronto Raptors: As Canada's sole representation in the world's most-watched and most prestigious basketball league, expectations can be rather high for the Raptors. The team which has been known to maintain a roster of top players in the league has so far delivered six division titles, one conference title and one NBA title which is especially impressive in light of the fact that they defeated formidable opponents, the Golden State Warriors to attain it. Given that the Raptors is a relatively young franchise compared to other stalwarts of the league with several titles and wins to their names, its performance in this regard is rather impressive and hopefully, Canadian fans will be able to look forward to a future with additional titles as well.
  • Number of playoff appearances by the Toronto Raptors: Ever since its inception in 1995, the Raptors have made it to the playoffs no less than 11 times. And although this figure places them rather low on the list, it is worth remembering the status of this franchise as a relatively recent one, especially when compared with the all-time leaders, the Los Angeles Lakers which have gotten to the playoffs 60 times and may be considered veterans of the league.